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large maps and it took a long time to find the information. >> it saves the city time and money. you are not taking up the time of a particular employee at the assessor's office. you might be doing things more efficient. >> they have it ready to go and say, this is what i want. >> they are finding the same things happening on the phone where people call in and ask, how do i find this information? we say, go to this website and they go and get the information easily. >> a picture tells a thousand stories. some say a map role at this time. commissioners first on your collapsed are items for
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continuance. item a b is for 447 c at the 19th avenue and 2011.77 at 19 hundred avenue to be considered for continuance to november 21st, 2013, you further i'm pleased to announce we received a written notice that the dr at the brood rick street has been withdrawn for item 19 interest let me just confirm yes. that's all i have commissioners >> thank you. is there any public comment on the two items proposed for continuance. seeing none, public comment is closed >> commissioner wu.
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>> i move inform continue items one a. >> on that motion to continue to item to november 21st roll call (calling names) . so moved colleagues that passed 6 to one >> i'd like to ask item two to are continued as well as. >> that will place you under our consent calendar and they're considered to be routine address they will be one roll call vote. there is no separate matter unless so asked for by the staff or committee. item 2 the case on the
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richardson avenue for consideration and there is a question for knld use. item 4 for case 1-c at the 194 port tall avenue request for authorization and item 20 at 201 request for sign approval and case 1044 q at the abstaining in a vista west >> i have no speaker cards. >> is there anything comments on the proposed regular calendar. seeing none, public comment is closed >> commissioner borden. >> i move to approve 2 through
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6 on the consistent calendar. >> second. >> on that motion to approve item 2 through 6 on consistent (calling names) so moved commissioners that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and that places you under item 7 draft minutes for september 12th. >> any public comment on draft minutes? public comment is closed. commissioner wu >> move to approve draft minutes. >> on that motion to approve the draft minutes
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(calling names) so moved commissioners that most go passes and puts you on item 8 for commits and questions and a first of all, my congratulations to team america for its amazing come back. when you look through the annual of supporters the red socks come back to debate the team in finally it was a big one and the giant come back a year ago when they this had to stave off 5 eliminates games to advance to the world series but this is even a bigger margin to overcome. i'm hoping they can return in the future to make things better
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and the bay of san francisco could become the augusta of boat racing unlike the masters it doesn't happen every year but it could attract other functions to that site. and secondly, i have a question. i've received some correspondence on some of the preliminaries open the formula retail legislation are we going to get an update or when it gets closer for some concrete proposals >> i think a couple of of them have long been in front of you. we'll be bringing those toward for your comment but when we
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bring those forward we'll talk about the whole range of proposals >> yeah, this particular e-mail it basically listed the entire package of things. i know that the different supervisors have the different items but the whole thought was to come up with something of a comprehensive package to pass >> what you asked them to do what hold off until we complete our economic analysis but we just hired the consultant and it will take about 3 months. so we'll president that to be held off gone we're hoping before any of those provisions are adopted we could do it with the knowledge of study with your conducting right now
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>> i want to add my voice to the congratulations but extend my congratulations to all departments. a lot of people were involved in the execution of the changed venue and that's where my congratulations are. oh, if i may. i read manage in the paper that was very disturbing that was an eviction in my neighborhood and i'm concerned this was a humanely area where all the buildings have the same qualities where this family was being evenly e evicted. i've seen people over the last
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thirty years angling in place that were young professionals and they all stay because one it is a very good neighborhood with quick accessibility to downtown and the needs of the neighborhood to the schools to churches to gorgeous east and i think it will change which i hope people find tools to monitor and turn around because we can't see a large increase no, in our city await changing the essence >> the press was quite fair that those types of things are legal under law and my concern is we'd seem like we're building a lot of these affordable
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housing, you know, provide housing it would seem like people he who are in this situation where there being a evicted should come to the top of the list and be given some consideration as part of our no point nonprofit. i'd be interested in knowing about that >> commissioners if there's nothing that will place you under item 9 directors announcements. one announcement of an interesting community event we're sponsoring on october 9th. the commission knows we've received a entrant to do an african-american statement to look at the african-american history and it's impact on the environment. we're going to have a kickoff
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we're sponsoring in conjunction with the african-american historical and a cultural society. this is on october '89 from 6 to 8:00 p.m. at the african-american complex on fulton street. again october '89 from 6 to 8:00 p.m. to kickoff the african-american statement we'll be doing in the next several months. i don't have any other announcements. ann marie tells me there's no announcements this week and the one item was being continued >> the board of supervisors will not be meeting next week. >> i ha- if i could get a
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remindeder. >> we can move onto the general public comment not to exceed 15 minutes opinion public can talk about the items without agenda items. your opportunity will be reached in the meeting. each member of the public can address us up to 15 minutes >> any general public comment? >> listening chapman. you may not be looking for old copies of news letters from the past but i'm going to refer to them for the sake of some neighborhood issues that are current. perhaps we could pass those
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around. i brought in 3 and marked a few things in some of them. and this one. anyway one thing is that on the this - the single sheet one on the back if you happen to look there were 4 committees headed by andy butler and another woman all of those committees meet in the church i'm talking about this and also we were doing preservation in the neighborhood and how to maintain it. we had an issue where we would have liked to endorse saving the coming back well college metropolitan building we
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exempted that place for an additional but we said we're not going to endorse it when people are talking about how to handle buses. so we'll get some feedback on that. and is one that has all the pictures are 5 years of victories the rental housing that was saved there were 9 individual building we stopped. we stopped with a conditional use hearing and the other ones gave up. the housing element had been changed by the commission in order to allow replacement housing on some other sight to demolish a building and build
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something else. we really need to pay attention to what's on that site. i guess i want in terms of precedent for you to consider as we come into larkin. if we can allow someone to tear it's pieces and we'll have to have xmsz from sequa. it should apply to other buildings. if there's allowed to do litigation by paying people or doing it on some other location which one building after another was going to be demolished >> any additional public comment in those. okay
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>> commissioners - >> yeah. there's an issue about the store that's going to be opened at the corner of van ness and i think sutter and i'm. >> ma'am, is that relthd to the item on calendar for what is it 1285 sutter? >> that's correct. >> you need to wait until that's called and i have a hard of hearing. >> we'll over an opportunity for the public to commit on that item within an hour. >> i wasn't quite sure i apologize. >> it's okay. any additional general public commit on items not on the calendar today. okay general comment is closed >> p that places you under the
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regular calendar for 200 paul street for request for authorization. >> good afternoon, commissioners corey from staff. it's for additional use to alternate 16 thousand square feet of the building b's on the project site. the is incorrect and will be updated. the project proposes to rhythm up to 11 parking spaces that will include generators. and is requesting an exception to the parking requirement. it will be separated from that all avenue that will continue to house the internet challenge and will be used for the location
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for generators in emergencies. the project will not increase the inhibiting amount of power during times when regular supply is interrupted like in an earthquake. it will provide no more than 12 park spaces. the area effected is relatively small compared to the overall project site which is 7 acres. the location of the generators is modern 4 hundred feet from the northern property like and more than 4 hundred feet from the southern property line and a large abandoned strictly site is to the immediate west of the
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site. the approval of the site in planning code to allow no fortune eleven parking spaces only 2 hundred spaces are really need for the project. the project underwent a detailed analysis of noise issues by mitigating certain measures they will not have more emissions in the site and an acoustic wall will help. the draft motion will meet the noise requirement and it should be corrected to say it meets the ordinance on the east, west and north side but not it on the south side. and the desolation was
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consistent with the general guidelines capability guidelines. regarding public commit the sponsor worked with the residents of 1500 third street and residents living on gold streets to the south. this has an understanding between the resident and from the hoa. alley the department received 6 other letters in support and no one in opposition. this was approved in 2009. the internet service use is a zoning applicable to this site and the planning code a permit conditional use includes one
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that the cod didn't have in place at the time but under section 478 the use may not be inn tense if i had without a new application and it's of the existing change project usage. however, the parking garage spaces are required and it includes a section of the planning code of the development in addition the section h requires certain requirements in granting the court instructs the jury use operation. therefore it must have the public works dr two zoning prudent to section are 303 and 304 h.
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the approval the conditions is that it represents a parrotal internet project. and it's continued use in the city is critical for businesses to continue to function and it will continue to enhance the excitement on the site and therefore, saying this equipment remain operable. the standby generators will be operated prudent to the permits as he under the proits permits they're on they're only allowed to be used in an emergency. the planning code and the bay view hunters plan overall. that concludes my presentation >> project sponsor please.
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>> good afternoon. i'm steve with digital reality trust. i'm here today to request the commission adopt the final desolation. a little bit of background here a real estate trust and we specialize in facilities. their also known as as the internet services challenges. we are that founded here, no san francisco and were headquartered here. a little bit of history about the site of paul avenue. in 1999 paul avenue was a vacant set of warehouses that was the
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northern california distribution but as we went through various approvals of the expansion we worked closely with the city at the time with the legislation so we're familiar with it. my involvement goes back i was there for 5 years prior to digital realty forming. what we do at 200 paul avenue we lease space to companies for you s c use we provide the complete if i did out spaces which includes those telecommunication equipment or we'll lease some
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shelf space and put in the types of systems they need. those customers have routing and switching equipment for voice services and storage and things of that nature the digital economy that supports us today. a lot of the customers are t mobile. we provide the services to san francisco and the surrounding area. astound is innovate company they provide services for voice in san francisco. we have 12 major customers that support the residents in san francisco. i think i mentioned that a robust power infrastructure with the cooling systems is necessary for those kind of facilities it
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assures the quality of work for them. we already been a good neighbor at paul avenue and try to meet the needs of the community. we worked with a number of the stakeholders in the community resulting in an m l u with the promise. most important the project will reduce emission at the site. some of the existing engines at the site don't have the filter but as we install the new ones their required to have the filters and we'll retrofit the balanced engines and it results in a reductions of emissions. we've worked out using the clean
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equipment not taking advantage of any of the laws or rules. the green screening from the east funding of street trees in front of paul avenue and an conspiratoror street and also working with the local y t d on work force initiatives. additionally we've tried to make sure that everyone knows they can reach out to us and chris is our manager and we wanted to make sure they had his number so we made sure we have that connection. in closing paul avenue is a key infrastructure for the surrounding bay area providing critical back up services, you know, >> bob: those services to provide 24 hour services.
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we asked the commission to adopt this and the equipment use for the yard and i'll turn to over to greg miller to touch on more. >> thank you. >> good afternoon president and fong and members of the commission. greg. first of all, i want to thank the staff (calling names) from the department for all they're hard work and also the staff from the mayor's office. my appreciate the attention to the project. commissioners today, i ask you grant the request use authorization for the expansion emergency use back up generator
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on paul. if i could have the overhead briefly. just to give you a little bit of context the location of the project is right here almost dead center in the site. this is paul avenue up here and this is the north end of the project up here. we're about 4 hundred feet from the paul avenue here and over 4 hundred feet from the north end of the property here. the cal train runs around here and it dips down 50 feet or more below grade. briefly commissioner the project involves the remove of the portion of the building to accommodate the generator generated. it's located morning in the
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middle of the project and would effect 21 thousand square feet which is a small piece of the site over 7 acres in total. the project has been used for 1 hundred years and the light industrial zoning was reaffirmed in 2008 arrest as corey noted under this zoning there are permitted conditional use because we're intensifying it by expanding the generate yard. we've asked for racked parking issues. we have 1 hundred and 25 page


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